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Pahappahooey Island
The Road to Adventure Episode 1
Welcome to the mysterious, far away land of Pahappahooey Island. Once an enchanting paradise, darker times have now overtaken the island. On the horizon a brewing storm threatens to destroy Pahappahooey.With a call from the Creator, a little girl named Ali leads a band of explorers to find the Book, taking them on an adventure that will forever change the destiny of Pahappahooey Island.
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Welcome to
JavaApplet capable browser required to play.
Wait for the image to load(takes a minute or two)
How To Beginning a new game: 
Once this game loads in,  Click on applet(the above window) and hit F2 to begin a game! Also use F5 to stop. Hit F4 to toggle double buffering! (turning off double buffering will increase game speed on slower machines). 
How to play: 
Collect all the numbers from 1-9 to advance to better levels. Do this without crashing into walls or eating yourself!! 
So far there are 7 levels in the game....
Key Directions:
Use the arrow keys on they keyboard to move about

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