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Now you can experience the thrill and excitement of a live stage performance or a Christian Family Movie in the comfort of your own home, school or church. From dance to theater, from Comedy to Thriller, these performing arts and Christian Family Movies help us express ourselves and extend our minds. We hope you will enjoy this new category of award-winning stage performances and movies. There are more Coming, so check back soon!
Childrens Christian Movies - Pray Pray.
After, high school friends Madison and Lacy enjoy an out-of-town Christian rock concert, they settle into a hotel for the night. Then, creepy things start happening at the hotel, and the two girls decide to drive home through the night. However, it isn't long before they realize that someone or something is following them home!

Though they make it home safely, the next day Madison is alone at the mall at closing time. Somehow trapped inside, Madison discovers that once again, she is really not alone, and it is left up to her faith in God to find her escape!

This Dove family-approved film is great for junior high and high school youth groups. As a Christian thriller, the DVD is highly entertaining and carries relevant teenage themes. Backed by sound religious morals, this DVD illustrates the power of prayer and how God is the only One who is always there to listen.
Ages 12 and older
DVD Approx. 72 Minutes
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Childrens Christian Movie - Pray 2: The Woods Pray 2: The Woods
Continue the heart-pounding suspense of Pray, as the thrill ride mystery moves into the woods! Still riding high from her best-selling book tour, Laurie Curtis finishes what she thinks is just another talk show appearance. As the sun goes down and the shadows deepen, Laurie heads home to enjoy what is supposed to be a quiet, relaxing evening alone. However, her night is anything but peaceful!

Across town, a church youth group heads into the woods for its annual fall camping trip, but they are not alone. Exactly one year later, the mysterious masked stalker is back on the loose and striking fear into the hearts of his targets. Follow the same characters from the original movie and also meet new ones. Pray 2: The Woods is guaranteed to keep its viewers clinging to the edge of their seats.
Ages 12 and older
DVD Approx. 83 Minutes
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Childrens Christian movie - Pray 2.5 The Director's Cut Pray 2.5 The Director's Cut
Pray 2.5-Director's Cut gives fans a thrilling, fresh look at the Pray DVD collection.
For the first time ever, see the Original Pray and Pray 2: The Woods combined and re-edited into a single, seamless feature with all new twists & turns.
Plus get an exclusive Sneak Peek of the first minutes of Pray 3, End Game. This deluxe edition is packed with all new bonus features and surprises including an all-new alternate ending to the original Pray movie, new scenes, new music, and hilarious new Outtakes & Bloopers. And, for the very first time, hear the original Campfire story that started it all as told by the director himself.

Pray 2.5 also includes: * Behind the Scenes Webisodes * Free Bible Study Movie Discussion Guide * New Alternate ending * Exclusive TV Interview with Executive Producer & Director, * A glimpse at the upcoming Cross Shadow movie, PARANORMAL. Recommended for 12 Years or older
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Christian Family Movies - Cotton Patch Gospel Cotton Patch Gospel -
The Greatest Story Ever Retold DVD

Just Released in DVD
Family Videos
Family Entertainment
COTTON PATCH GOSPEL, an award winning musical drama, is a leg-slappin', toe-tappin', hand-clappin' hoe-down of a story that retells the Gospels of Matthew and John, except that it has been expertly translated into modern day language with Southern flair. Nazareth and Jerusalem have been transported to Atlanta and Valdosta, Georgia and Jesus in this story was born in Gainesville, told in the opening song: "Somethin's Brewin' in Gainesville." The story follows the path that Jesus leads his parents down, Mary and Joseph Davidson, including the confrontation with Herod, the current Governor of Georgia and his disciples, all of whom work for the I.R.S. The music by Harry Chapin has some of the most melodic harmonies you will ever hear. Harry Chapin considered himself "born to write the music for Cotton Patch Gospel."
"A Fabulous Musical" - NBC "A Joyous Triumph" - New York Times "Drop everything and see Cotton Patch Gospel!" - Christianity Today Magazine
DVD Full Color/Approx. 110 minutes
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Cotton Patch Gospel -
The Greatest Story Ever Retold VHS

Same as above but in VHS Video format for VCR.

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Christian Family Movies - St John in Exile Starring Dean Jones on DVD St John in Exile Starring Dean Jones on DVD
$19.99 $16.99 On Sale!
Great Family Entertainment !
Imprisoned, John, the last living disciple of Jesus' twelve, remains full of humor, strong in spirit and obstinately spry. Through his eyes we relive the moving events in which Jesus Christ changed the course of human history. A stirring stage performance filled with vibrancy and heartfelt drama.
"Don't miss this film" - Rev. Billy Graham "Fascinating. That rare chance for an actor to stretch his art fullout" - Charles Champlin -LA Times
Includes Special Features: Interviews, Biographies, Dean Jones, Disney film clips and Photo Gallery. Sub-titles available for the hearing impaired.
DVD/Full Color/Approx. 92 minutes
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St. John in Exile on VHS
Same as above but in VHS Video format!
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Christian Family Movies - The Masterpiece...A Toymaker's Dream The Masterpiece...A Toymaker's Dream

Masterpiece Video
( Family Entertainment )
Experience the award-winning stage production, The Masterpiece...A Toymaker's Dream. It is the moving allegory of aToymaker and his son and the love, hope and dreams they have for the beloved toys they have created. The story comes tolife as the Toymaker and his son unveil the design for their grandest dream, a toy they call The Masterpiece. Throughdisobedience a barrier is created that separates the Toymaker from his Masterpiece. The only solution is for the Toymaker'sson to become a toy himself and make a way through the barrier, back to the Toymaker.

From the opening scene's fiery rebellion to the spectacular finale, this unforgettable production combines dance, theater,technical effects and an original musical score to recount the epic tale of good, evil and the fight for mankind. Experience thedrama. Experience the triumph. Experience The Masterpiece. Seen live by millions around the world this award-winningproduction captures the hearts and imaginations of people of all ages.
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 73 Minutes

"Sorry, Temporarily Out of Print"

Christian Family Movies - FIREPROOF FIREPROOF
Never Leave Your Partner Behind

Very Powerful Movie for All Ages!!!!
The No. 1 Inspirational Movie of the Year!
Starring Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea
''FIREPROOF is an Entertaining and Challenging Reminder of What it Takes to Win in Marriage!'' ...Joe Gibbs, Owner Joe Gibbs Racing
A Movie . . . A Marriage . . . A Movement!
At work, inside burning buildings, Capt. Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) lives by the old firefighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. At home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules. His job is to rescue others. Now Caleb Holt is ready to face his toughest job ever . . . rescuing his wife's heart.
A great tool in showing marriage, and fighting to save marriage!
This Special Collector's Edition from the Creators of Facing the Giants, is filled with Bonus features including:
* The making of FIREPROOF
* FIREPROOF Study Guide
* FIREGOOFS: Outtakes
* Firehouse Pranks: On-Set fun
* Ministry Tools
* Casting Crowns Music Video ''Slow Fade''
* and much more!!
''Amazing! Action-Packed, Heartwarming., and a Great Resource to Help Strengthen and Affirm Marriages!''... Dr. Gary Smalley, Best-Selling Author and Marriage Champion
$24.98 DVD
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Christian Family Movies - Facing the Giants DVD Facing the Giants DVD
$24.98 $22.98 On Sale!
Facing the Giants - Inspiration for the Game of Life!

Never Give Up. - Never Backdown. - Never Lose Faith.
After six consecutive losing seasons, high school football coach Grant Taylor believes things can't get any worse. He's wrong. With fear and failure defeating him in football and in life, the downtrodden coach and husband turns to God in desperation. Trusting that God can somehow do the impossible, Coach Taylor and his Shiloh Christian Eagles soon discover how faith plays out on the field... and off!
Great movie for all ages!!
As featured by: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Usa Today, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution

'' When I saw Facing the Giants, I was in tears. I'm inspired; my team is inspired!''
-Don Bebe,
Super Bowl Champion, Current High School Coach

''A Great Movie...Every Family in America Should See it!''
-Dan Reeves, NFL Coaching Great

Includes Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Feature: The Facing the Giants Story
Plus Many more Special Features
Approx. 112 Minutes - Color - CC - Mastered in High Definition
Languages- English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Thai (also subtitles in these langauges) Also Chinese Subtitles
$22.98 DVD
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Christian Family Movies - Jesus of Nazareth DVD Jesus of Nazareth DVD ( Ages Jr. High - Adult )
$44.99 $39.99 On Sale!
2 DVD Set
This six hour DVD set brings us the epic majesty of the life of Jesus as told by the Apostles. Beginning before the Nativity and extending through the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus of Nazareth brings to life all the majesty and sweeping drama of the life of Jesus.
The film magnificently transports you to the Holy Land and takes you through His life from birth and presentation in the temple to His three year ministry of preaching, teaching, healing and the sorrowful passion and death culminating in His Resurrection and appearances to His disciples. Directed by Oscar nominee Franco Zeffirelli and acclaimed by critics and religious leaders worldwide, Jesus of Nazareth tells the greatest story ever told with tremendous emotion and splendor. This film can be used at home, in conjunction with Bible studies, in the classroom or in a variety of settings.
$39.99 DVD 2 Pack/Full Color/Approx. 6 hours
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Jesus of Nazareth ( Ages Jr. High - Adult ) VHS
$44.99 $39.99 On Sale!
Same as above but on 3 VHS Videos!
$39.99 VHS 3 Pack
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Christian Family Movies - Reggie's Prayer DVD Reggie's Prayer DVD
A Powerful and Inspirational Story!!!
Reggie's Prayer Starring: Reggie White and Pat Morita
Due to the death of a young child involved in a convenience store robbery, football superstar, Reggie Knox (Reggie White), retires at the top of his game to become a coach and 10th Grade History teacher, at principal Osaki's (Pat Morita) inner city high school.
Mr. Portola (The Giant), the neighborhood thug, has been recruiting kids into the fringes of street crime. When a high school football player gets tangled up in Portola's underworld schemes, the boy is kidnapped. A wilderness chase puts Reggie against Portola, while the life of a 16-year-old boy hangs in the balance between good and evil.
Reggie's strong Christian faith as well as his love for God's children is a powerful testament in this inspirational family film. Taking a lesson from Jesus' ''Parables of the Lost Sheep,'' Reggie shows all of us that salvation for even one child (or lost sheep) is more important than any material possession including winning a Super Bowl ring.
Features NFL Stars:
Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren, Keith Jackson, Mel Renfro, Rosey Grier.
Special Appearance:
MC Hammer, The Giant
Added Bonus:
Outtakes from the making of ''Reggie's Prayer'' and a moving rendition of the hymn Amazing Grace sung by Reggie White.
Approx. Running Time 94 Minutes - Color

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Children's Christian DVD's - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on DVD The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on DVD
$19.99 $16.99 On Sale!
The Chronicles of Narnia -
Enter a magical kingdom where animals speak, mythical creatures roam, and four children fight an epic battle to overcome the dark forces of evil...
In a strange castle in the English countryside, four children open the door of an old wardrobe and find themselves transported to the magical kingdom of Narnia! Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund soon discover that the White Witch has kept Narnia in never ending winter. Aslan, the lion king, leads the fight against her power and with the children's help she just might be defeated.
DVD has special features included!
DVD/Full Color/Approx. 174 Minutes
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Children's Christian DVD's - Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader on DVD
$19.99 $16.99 On Sale!
The Chronicles of Narnia - Volume 2
Enter a magical kingdom where animals speak, mythical creatures roam, and four children fight an epic battle to overcome the dark forces of evil...
The land of Narnia is ruled by the corrupt King Miraz. His nephew Prince Caspian calls on Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund to help him defeat Miraz and restore Narnia to its former glory. Years later, Caspian, Lucy, Edmund and their obnoxious cousin Eustace set sail to rescue the six lords who were banished by Caspian's evil uncle. Their adventures lead them to a golden lake, a giant sea serpent, a fierce dragon and finally, the edge of the world.
DVD with special bonus features!
DVD/Full Color/Approx. 174 Minutes
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Children's Christian DVD's - The Silver Chair on DVD The Silver Chair on DVD
$19.99 $16.99 On Sale!
The Chronicles of Narnia - Volume 3
Enter a magical kingdom where animals speak, mythical creatures roam, and four children fight an epic battle to overcome the dark forces of evil...
Eustace is summoned back to the magical land of Narnia with his new friend Jill. King Caspian is old and frail and his son, Prince Rilian, has been missing for years. Aslan charges the children to embark on a perilous journey through enchanted lands of giants and witches to find Rilian and bring him home.
DVD has special bonus features! DVD/Full Color/Approx. 174 Minutes
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Children's Christian DVD's - The Chronicles of Narnia - DVD Gift Box Set The Chronicles of Narnia
New DVD Gift Box Set

$54.94 $49.95 On Sale!
Includes: Keepsake Case & 3 Discs
Disc 1: "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" *Interactive game *Bookworm excerpt on C.S. Lewis from BBC *Turkish Delight recipe *Stills Gallery.
Disc 2: "Prince Caspian & the Voyage of the Dawn Treader" *Interactive game *Stills Gallery.
Disc 3: "The Silver Chair" *Interactive game *Stills Gallery. Fire breathing dragons, sprightly nymphs, talking animals, evil witches, deadly sea monsters, gruesome giants, kings and queens, a group of brave children and a very special wardrobe collide in an epic battle of good versus evil.
Welcome to the enchanted world of Narnia, a mystical land sprung from the mind of legendary author C.S. Lewis. Danger and adventure are always close at hand in Narnia, for the future is under constant threat by dark forces. But not for long. Whispers that sail across the land say only one thing -- Aslan, the great lion, is on the move. We proudly present all nine hours of this grand series on DVD for the first time.
DVD/Full Color/Dolby Digital/540 Minutes
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