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Guiding Light Video Brings You...
Inspirational - Luminescent - Gifts that..
Glow in the dark rosary
Historically, the word phosphorus is from the greek word, 'phosphoras' which means 'Bringer of Light' or 'Light Bringer'. It was discovered in 1669 by Henning Brand of Germany.  It is a non-metalic element and is found throughout nature. Many rocks and soil contain phosphors and it is found in water. It is vital for living systems and is the backbone of the life coded DNA.

The phosphorus is added to plastic/resin so that when "exposed to light", it will glow in the dark.  These Luminous Rosaries are popular for use at night!

Give a Luminous Rosary as a wonderful inspirational gift and keepsake, a reminder of The everlasting Light in a Time of Darkness, or for yourself. A beautiful way to proclaim one's faith and spirituality!
Children's Rosary - Glow in the Dark - Luminous Cord Rosary Glow in the Dark - Luminous Cord Rosary
Mission Rosaries ( 10 Rosaries Per Pack)

Glow in the Dark - Cord Rosary - Mission Rosaries come in a 10 Pack.
It's an inexpensive way of reaching the world for Jesus through Mary. Make it Your Mission, Carry Them, Pray Them, Give Them Away... it seems we all need prayer!

A wonderful inspirational gift and keepsake, and a reminder of The everlasting Light in a Time of Darkness. A beautiful way to proclaim and spread one's faith and spirituality!

Luminous moulded beads are mounted on a sturdy cord to create this rosary. Glow in the Dark only, not available in black.
16" long, 2" crucifix.
Pack 10 Rosaries
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Children's Rosary - Glow in the Dark Luminous Chain Rosary Glow in the Dark Luminous Chain Rosary
Give a wonderful Catholic gift and keepsake...
Moulded -- 7mm Oval Beads, 19" L, 1 1/4" Crucifix
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Children's Rosary -Glow in the Dark Luminous Wall Rosary Glow in the Dark Luminous Wall Rosary
Often used in home decor, a Wall Rosary is a beautiful and tasteful way to proclaim one's faith and spirituality. --
Moulded 27 mm Beads -- 66 1/2" L, 6" H Crucifix

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SunburstCross.JPG Glow in the Dark Luminous Sunburst Cross -6"
A devout reminder that He is an everlasting light in the darkness.Illuminate a hallway or children's' room with the presence of this well-made durable plastic/resin Glow in the Dark 6" wall-mountable Sunburst Cross.

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Glow in the Dark Luminous Sunburst Cross -6"
Standing Cross

Same as above Sunburst Glow in the Dark Cross but on stand to set on a surface.

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Children's Rosary - Wall Rosary Wooden Wall Rosary Wooden
$19.99 $15.99 On Sale!
Beautifully made wooden wall rosary. Non-Luminous. Great for a faith reminder or decorative talking piece. Also a great gift idea! Total length about 62''

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NecklaceCross.JPG Glow in the Dark Luminous Budded Necklace Cross
Silver Plate/Luminous -- 3 1/4" H ( Made in Italy )
This item is temporarily unavailable!

BenedictPendant.JPG St. Benedict Pendant - Glow in the Dark Luminous Budded
Benedict fought to unite Christians against the rise of evil as Pope Benedict XVI immediately announced that he too will do. The pendant which is best represented in this highly popular medal that is actually a Crucifix with the visage of Benedict -- tall and strong -- on the back. , imbued with a special power of exorcism, are in wide circulation around the world and will almost surely now become a Catholic staple. St. Benedict once saw as in a single sunbeam the whole world in the Light of God, the St. Benedict Crucifix is a visible reminder of Jesus' love for us. This Beautiful Glow in the Dark Pendant was Made in Italy
Silver Plate/Luminous -- 3 1/2" H
This item is temporarily unavailable!

Missionarybear.jpg Missionary Holy Bear
"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Mark 16:15
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Childrens Bible Videos -  The Rosary for Little Children - DVD The Rosary for Little Children - DVD
The Joyful Mysteries A Children's DVD Of Redeeming Value! Here it is! A DVD your child will watch over and over again-with lasting rewards! The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, a reflection on the early life of Jesus, has been a mainstay of Christian prayer,. And now, in this DVD, that same rosary is a source of joy for God's littlest children. In The Rosary for Little Children, your child will join a lively chorus of children in a heartfelt journey to Jesus. Led by a heavenly visitor, portrayed by Broadway actress Jennifer Naimo, children will learn the mysteries of Christ's life. And they'll learn how to pray for their families, the Church and children with special needs. Original music and exciting visuals are guaranteed to keep your little one's attention. You'll find yourself watching and praying with your child! Exciting music! The Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Angels We Have Heard On High, Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen), O Sanctissima.
DVD/Full Color/Approx. 30 minutes
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The Rosary for Little Children (Ages 3-8)
Same description as DVD above but in VHS format
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 30 minutes
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Children's Rosary - Glow in the Dark Large Luminous Rosary Glow in the Dark Large Luminous Rosary
A durable rosary that glows in the dark with a wonderful iridescent light.
Made in Italy -- Moulded -- 9MM Beads, 30" L, 2.25" Crucifix is also Luminous. (not wooden as shown above)

"Sorry, Temporarily Sold Out"

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