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Childrens Bible Stories
CH9Jeremiah.jpg The Story of Jeremiah, (Ages 5 & Up)

"Sorry, Temporarily Out of Print"

Jeremiah is a prophet. He warns the Israelites against their return to worshipping Baal. He also tells them that the Babylonians' invasion of their territory is God's punishment for worshipping false gods. Jeremiah is ultimately arrested. Weak King Zedekiah refuses to act on the case. Jeremiah is thrown into a well and later rescued. Jeremiah follows his people into exile.
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 23 minutes

CH4Paul.jpg The Story of Paul's Ministry, (Ages 5 & Up)
When Paul refuses to denounce Christ he is persecuted for his belief, therefore spending most of his life in and out of prison. It begins when Paul and Barnabus are mistaken for gods in Lystra. Paul and Silas are imprisoned in Phillipi. While Paul is in the Jerusalem prison, some priests plot to kill him, but Paul's escape is arranged by his brother in Christ. Paul appeals to Governor Festus to be tried in Rome by Ceasar. Paul and Luke sail for Rome in a storm. Even after a shipwreck, Paul is ready to face Nero, for he has "Fought the good fight".
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 23 minutes

"Sorry, Temporarily Out of Print"

CH5Esther.jpg The Story of Esther, (Ages 5 & Up)
Esther, of the house of Israel, is chosen to be the Queen of Persia. Prime Minister Haman secretly plots the death of Persian Jews. His evil plot is discovered by Esther and she decides to go to the King with the story, even though by doing so her own life may be at stake. Haman builds a gallows for Esther's relative, a Persian Jew. But after Esther pleads for the lives of her people, Haman himself is sentenced to the gallows.
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 23 minutes

"Sorry, Temporarily Out of Print"

CH8Joseph.jpg The Story of Joseph, (Ages 5 & Up)
The Story of Joseph begins when his brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt, where he eventually becomes a ruler. Joseph's brothers travel to Egypt for food, and not recognizing him, they bow before Joseph's throne. After testing his brothers to see if they have changed, Joseph reveals his identity. Finally, the family is reunited to live in the land of Egypt.
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 23 minutes

"Sorry, Temporarily Out of Print"

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