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Guiding Light Video Presents
Character Builders Series
DVDs & Videos
Lowest Price Online $23.99 for the set!
Character Builder Videos

The Character Builders Series has been honored
with 5 Grammy Nominations!

Illustrated by Anthony Paul.

Capture your child's imagination with the delightful Character Builders series! In these all new fully-animated episodes, your child will learn valuable lessons about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Filled with entertaining characters to teach important spiritual truths, Character Builders are sure to be a family favorite. With heart-warming stories and fun-filled songs, your child will enjoy learning positive character traits. Animated for today's generation, these adorable, timeless classics are perfect for your young children on a car ride or at home with the family. Also great for Homeschool because Character Building is important for all to learn!!!
Character Builders Set DVD Character Builders 8 Vol. Complete Set
$49.99 $23.99 On Sale!
Now all 8 Character Builders Series Fully-Animated!!

Get all 8 complete DVDs in one set and save!
Character Builders Series Included in set:
*Obedience & Self Control
*Goodness & Faith
*Honesty & Responsibility
*Thankfulness & Gentleness
*Sharing & Kindness
*Politeness & Joy
*Confidence & Love
*Patience & Peace

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Character Builders Obedience and Self-Control

Obedience and Self-Control VHS

Entertaining songs, fun filled stories, and storybook animations help teach kids important lessons about character and virtues.

This video deals with:

More Trouble with Tuffy

Benny and the Birthday Berries

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Goodness and Faith Goodness and Faith VHS
This video deals with:

What Do You Want To Bee?

Lost in the Woods

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Honesty and Responsibility Honesty and Responsibility VHS
This video deals with:

Doggy Bone Blues

Bouncer And the Spring Hoppers

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Thankfulness and Gentleness Thankfulness and Gentleness VHS
This video deals with:

Benny's Wake-Up Surprise

New Baby In The House

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Sharing and Kindness Sharing and Kindness VHS
This video deals with:

Benny Loves Fiddleberries

The Trouble With Tuffy

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Politeness and Joy Politeness and Joy VHS
This video deals with:

Bouncer And the Carrot Princess

The Rabbit Who Lost His Hop

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Confidence and Love Confidence and Love VHS
This video deals with:

The Little Duck Fun Dash

The Broken Jewel

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders Patience and Peace Patience and Peace VHS
This video deals with:

Snails In a Hurry

The Song Without a Heart

Running time: 24 min. - Color
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Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 1 - Obedience & Self Control DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Obedience: More Trouble with Tuffy
Take a trip to the zoo with Tuffy and his friends! In this adventure, Tuffy and Stevie travel to visit animals, like elephants and monkeys, with their school class. After not following his teacher's directions, Tuffy learns an important lesson about listening to those in charge. Included are two fun songs about Obedience.
Self Control: Benny and the Birthday Berries
Join Benny the Bear as he travels to Herbert the Snail's birthday party! Benny's job is to bring dessert berries to the party, but soon Benny begins to eat them. Scooter the Caterpillar helps teach Benny the lesson of stopping when it's good for you and others. Added are two engaging, sing along songs on Self Control.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 2 - Goodness & Faith DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Goodness: What Do You Want to Bee?
Come listen with Stevie and Nancy as The Conductor tells them a story! In the story, the Nzzzz Bee Family teaches Baby Nzzzz the importance of being good and doing hard work, even if others want to play. After doing what is right, Baby Nzzzz's name is changed to Good Nzzzz! Plus, your children will love singing two songs about Goodness.
Faith: Lost in the Woods
Travel to colorful Agapeland with Stevie and The Conductor! After playing with the rabbits, Stevie promises to help The Conductor. But as Stevie travels the trail, a crow tries to tell him to go the wrong way. Stevie does what The Conductor told him to do to even when he is scared and alone in the dark. Two exciting songs on Faith are included in this wonderful episode.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 3 - Honesty & Responsibility DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Honesty: Doggie Bone Blues
Smuggles the Dog makes a new friend with Tunder the Puppy! But Smuggles notices his dog bones are disappearing. After watching Tunder, Smuggles knows Tunder is stealing his bones. When Buster steals Tunder's blanket, Smuggles helps Tunder learn a lesson on telling the truth. Included are two colorful songs on Honesty.
Responsibility: Bouncer and the Spring Hoppers
Bouncer the Rabbit's mom gives him a lot of chores; but he just wants to play with Stevie's new Spring Hopper shoes. Stevie lends Bouncer the Spring Hoppers to play with but Bouncer forgets to take care of them! Bouncer learns the importance of being responsible. Added are two sing along songs on Responsibility.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 4 - Thankfulness & Gentleness DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Thankfulness: Benny's Wake-Up Surprise
Join Stevie, Nancy, Smuggles, Bouncer, and the Nzzzz Bee family, as they wait for Benny the Bear to wake up from his winter sleep. Benny's friends decide to give him gifts when he wakes up, but Benny doesn't appreciate his gifts. After he realizes he isn't being grateful, Benny says he is sorry. Included are two charming songs on Thankfulness.
Gentleness: New Baby in the House
Stevie and Nancy invite a new girl, Kim, to their house to play, but they scare Kim by saying, "Boo". Their mother explains how to be careful by telling them a story. In the story, a little girl wants a baby to play with; then, a baby sister comes! But the girl needs to learn how to be gentle with the baby. Two sing along songs about Gentleness are added.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 5 - Sharing & Kindness DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Sharing: Benny Loves Fiddleberries
Benny the Bear loves to eat Fiddleberries in the forest by the stream. He realizes when he splashes the water on the bushes, the bushes grow more and more berries. But when he keeps the water from flowing downstream, the other bears' berry bushes start dying. Benny learns how to share with other bears. Added are two captivating songs on Sharing. Kindness: The Trouble with Tuffy
Do you want to be a friend? Discover what Stevie and Nancy do to try to be friends with their mean neighbor, Tuffy. At first being nice to Tuffy seems like it isn't working. But with a mission of kindness, Stevie and Nancy learn helping Tuffy is the way to being friends. Two memorable, sing along songs on Kindness are included.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 6 - Politeness & Joy DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Politeness: Bouncer and The Carrot Princess
Bouncer's mother tells him to say please. But when Bouncer has a chance to see The Carrot Princess, he cuts in line and doesn't pass the politeness test. Stevie and Nancy teach Bouncer to think of others before acting. Then, surprisingly Bouncer gets to teach The Carrot Princess a lesson too. Included are two captivating songs on Politeness.
Joy: The Rabbit Who Lost His Hop
Bouncer is sad, and Stevie and Nancy want to help! They take Bouncer to the doctor; he says to travel to Sunless Valley to find Bouncer's lost joy. During their journey, Stevie, Nancy, and Bouncer meet and help an old man, a brown mole, and a tired mother. After helping others, Bouncer gets his joy back. Two sing along songs on Joy are included in this remarkable episode.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 7 - Confidence & Love DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Confidence: The Little Duck Dash
Join Smuggles as he reads a sign about Agapeland's Duck Dash. Smuggles meets a baby duck, Weatherbee, who doesn't want to race. But after Weatherbee runs Milly, a baby mouse, to the hospital, he decides to enter the race. With Smuggles' help, Weatherbee runs the race and learns how to be confident. Two captivating songs on Confidence are included.
Love: The Broken Jewel
Stevie and Nancy are excited to visit the Royal Concert and The Conductor´┐Ż! Both of them have sparkling glass heart tickets to the show. After Nancy breaks her heart, Stevie offers her his heart instead so she can go to the concert. Stevie learns the importance of wanting the best for someone else. Added are two charming songs on Love.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

Character Builders series DVD Character Builders Vol. 8 - Patience & Peace DVD
Now all 8 Fully-Animated!!
Patience: Snails in a Hurry
Travel with Herbert the Snail and his family as they go to the circus! During the trip, they talk about the exciting things they want to see. After they arrive, there is a long line for tickets! Some snails want to sneak in, but Herbert decides to be patient and wait his turn. All the snails learn waiting is the right thing. Two sing along songs on Patience are included in this touching episode.
Peace: The Song without a Heart
After not practicing, Nancy plays badly at her piano lesson. Because Nancy wants to play well at the recital, she practices all week long! She tells The Conductor about her song and how she told her teacher a lie. The Conductor teaches Nancy how to tell the truth to find peace in her heart. Included are two delightful songs about Peace.

Only Available in the complete Set Above

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