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Children's Christian Games

For You Baseball Fans....
Bible Grand Slam
Childrens Christian Games Childrens Christian Games

Kids Christian Games

Children's Christian Games
Children's Christian Games
And for you Football Fans....
Bible Touch Down
Childrens Christian Games
Childrens Christian Games
Childrens Christian Games: Football
Sharpen your Bible skills with these exciting games of fun. Bible learning in a cyber park that is fun for the whole family.
Christian Games -Bible Grand Slam Bible Grand Slam Deluxe Edition (Ages 7 to Adult)
Sharpen your Bible batting skills with this exciting game of fun Bible learning in a cyber baseball park that's fun for the whole family. All new sounds and animation add to the fun!

  • Play against a friend or one of the six computerized teams.

  • Over 1,000 questions in 4 difficulty levels, single to a home run!

  • Don’t know the answer? The complete Bible is included in the game for easy reference.

  • A special editor feature allows you to add your own questions. Great for homeschoolers!

Systems available on:
Windows Only, Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and 8.

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Christian Games -Bible Touch Down Bible Touch Down (Ages 7 to Adult)
Bible Touchdown is a Bible knowledge game played in football game format. Each team must call plays and develop strategies for scoring points. After selecting a play, the team will be quizzed on a certain piece of Bible knowledge. If they get the question correct, then they will advance the ball. If they answer incorrectly, then they will receive no gain on the play or, worse yet, fumble the ball, throw an interception, or get their quarterback sacked.

Each type of play selected offers a different degree of difficulty with "Short Run" questions being the easiest and "Long Pass" questions being the most difficult. Within each type of question, the number of yards gained will be determined by the degree of difficulty of the question.

Bible Touchdown includes 1,000 questions from the entire Bible. A special editor feature allows you to add your own questions. A great game for teachers and homeschoolers!

So - are YOU ready for some
Bible Touchdown??

Teacher Feature - Add Your Own Questions

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